Give customers the digital experiences they expect

Use DevOps, containers, and microservices to accelerate existing apps and build new cloud-native ones.

What is digital experience?

“Digital experience” is an interaction between a user and an organization achieved through digital technologies. The goal is to provide a “zero-touch” experience: Improving service to the user by anticipating and addressing their needs. This means using data from earlier interactions to provide personalized attention to quickly resolve issues.

In telecommunications, service agility is crucial in order to meet users’ expectations. To achieve this, many organizations are overhauling IT infrastructures to enable DevOps practices. This means faster, more efficient app development and service delivery through microservices and container platforms.

Business of telecommunications

The need for media function virtualization

Explore the benefits of media function virtualization (MFV). See how Red Hat® helps carriers use its MFV solutions to reduce costs, scale efficiently, and increase time to market.

Get the content closer to customers

Lower cost and complexity by automating integration of multi-vendor physical and virtual devices.

Cloud migrations for CSPs

See how Red Hat Consulting helps CSPs reduce total cost of ownership, speed up provisioning and service delivery, and streamline processes in a modern cloud environment.

Flexibility with microservices, containers, and runtimes

Learn about approaches to incremental adoption of microservice design through programming models and platform frameworks.

Containers on cloud

Combining container-native workloads with Infrastructure-as-a-Service, this Red Hat Services solution addresses the complexity of deploying containers on cloud.

Software-defined storage for media and entertainment

See how software-defined storage is replacing traditional NAS systems in media and entertainment applications.

Unified cloud with OpenStack

See how MyRepublic cut time to market, simplified management, improved availability, and reduced costs.

Fastweb gains cloud flexibility

Fastweb needed to improve automation and self-service capabilities to meet highly dynamic customer needs. For an agile, flexible solution, Fastweb migrated to Red Hat OpenStack® Platform.

Glashart Media relies on Red Hat storage

Glashart migrated to Red Hat Gluster Storage for increased capacity, improved system speed, lowered costs, and redundancy.

Open source unlocks CSP virtualization

Service providers face challenges when deploying OpenStack in their networks but open source solutions are making programmable infrastructure and virtualization a reality.

OpenStack and Kubernetes

Combining OpenStack’s infrastructure management and orchestration with Kubernetes managed containers could provide a seamless app environment for NFV deployments.

Technology for service providers

The evolving app environment

Building an environment to support agile application development and DevOps can be challenging. Learn how Red Hat and Nuage Networks offer a proven, integrated hybrid cloud infrastructure for app development.

Speed app dev and delivery with Red Hat and F5

Find out how Red Hat and F5 solutions accelerate large-scale, open, private cloud infrastructure setup and configuration, speed time to market and improve customer satisfaction.

A scalable architecture for VOD and live streams

NFV orchestration and OpenStack-based virtualization can provide a manageable and scalable solution to deliver hi-resolution content.

Migrate workloads to open platforms

The Red Hat infrastructure migration solution helps organizations migrate large numbers of workloads from proprietary virtualization to open infrastructure platforms.

Persistent storage for containers

See how Red Hat’s full technology stack, with container-native persistent storage, offers an end-to-end container ecosystem.

A platform for demanding apps

See how Red Hat and Intel create a scalable platform for cloud environments running high-performance applications.

Faster innovation with DevOps and OpenShift

Learn the key stages of application development and delivery and the features of Red Hat OpenShift that support faster innovation.

Containerized legacy applications on OpenShift

See how Verizon created a roadmap to move their application portfolio from monolithic to containerized applications using Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.

The products you need for DevOps and microservices

Red Hat OpenStack Platform

A secure, scalable platform for building public and private clouds.

An open, hybrid Platform-as-a-Service (PaaS) that lets developers quickly develop, host, scale, and deliver apps in the cloud.

Red Hat OpenShift Application Runtimes Black and White Logo

A collection of cloud-native runtimes for developing apps natively on Red Hat OpenShift.

Red Hat 3scale API Management

A platform that makes it easy to share, distribute, control, and monetize your APIs with security for internal and external users.

Red Hat Gluster Storage

Open, software-defined file storage that combines reliable Red Hat software with x86 commodity hardware, eliminating the need for high-cost proprietary storage systems.

Partners that support our microservices solutions

Learn more about Red Hat’s microservices solution