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The Art of Openshift Migration - What's the secret sauce?

Rivedi il webinar del 28 luglio 2020

Red Hat offers several new tools that integrate the best features of open source projects with smart user interfaces to simplify system migration and reduce the potential for human error.

This is a big step forward in helping increase the production footprint of Red Hat® OpenShift® 4 (with brand new features). Watch this webinar to understand and ease the migration process.

This webinar will cover:

  • Objectives for OpenShift migration
  • Migration chronology
  • Cluster Application Migration (CAM) tool
  • OpenShift Container Platform 3 to 4 migration
  • How Red Hat Consulting can help

Praveen Kumar Thakur

Senior Architect, Solutions & Technology Practices, Red Hat

Praveen has vast experience in designing and building DevOps and container platforms. He focuses on core platforms-based solutions and designs with automation for Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform. His diverse technical background gives him a unique perspective in helping clients build sustainable container platforms that meet customer requirements and specifications.