We are pleased to announce that the latest Cumulative Patch for JBoss Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) v4.2 and v4.3 has expanded its number of Certified Configurations and has added support for more mainframes and Java SE 6.

The number of certified operating systems, chip architectures and Java Virtual Machine (JVM) configurations has increased from 16 to 29. Red Hat continues to support any configuration that runs on a Certified JVM as a Compatible Configuration. The Cumulative Patch also includes official support for Java SE 6 for JBoss EAP v4.3 using the Sun JDK.

Mainframe support has also been expanded through these Cumulative Patches. Mainframes with IBM System z running Red Hat Enterprise Linux are now supported through JBoss EAP Certified Configurations, giving additional flexibility to users running a Java application on a mainframe or looking for an alternative application server.

For more information on the difference between Compatible and Certified Configurations and to see the full list, see here.

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