OpenStack Summit returns to Vancouver, Canada May 21-24, 2018, and Red Hat will be returning as well with as big of a presence as ever. Red Hat will be a headline sponsor of the event, and you'll have plenty of ways to interact with us during the show.

First, you can hear from our head of engineering and OpenStack Foundation board member, Mark McLoughlin, during the Monday morning Keynote sessions. Mark will be discussing OpenStack's role in a hybrid cloud world, as well as the importance of OpenStack and Kubernetes integrations. After the keynotes, you'll want to come by the Red Hat booth in the exhibit hall to score some cool SWAG (it goes quickly), talk with our experts, and check out our product demos. Finally, you'll have the entire rest of the show to listen to Red Hatters present and co-present on a variety of topics, from specific OpenStack projects, to partner solutions, to OpenStack integrations with Kubernetes, Ansible, Ceph storage and more. These will be delivered via traditional sessions, labs, workshops, and lunch and learns. For a full list of general sessions featuring Red Hatters, see below.

Beyond meeting us at the Red Hat booth or listening to one of us speak in a session or during a keynote, here are the special events we’ll be sponsoring where you can also meet us. If you haven't registered yet, use our sponsor code: REDHAT10 to get 10% off the list price.

Containers, Kubernetes and OpenShift on OpenStack Hands-on Training
Join the Red Hat’s OpenShift team for a full day of discussion and hands on lab to learn how OpenShift can help you deliver apps even faster on OpenStack.
Date: May 20th, 9:00 am-4:00 pm
Location: Vancouver Convention Centre West - Level Two - Room 218-219
RSVP required

Red Hat and Trilio Evening Social
All are invited to join Red Hat and Trilio for an evening of great food, drinks, and waterfront views of Vancouver Harbour.
When: Monday, May 21st, 7:30-10:30 pm
Location: TapShack Coal Harbour
RSVP required 

Red Hat and Dell: Crafting Your Cloud Reality
Join Red Hat and Dell EMC for drinks and food, and take part in the Red Hat® Cloud Challenge, an immersive virtual reality game.
When: Tuesday, May 22nd, 6:00-9:00 pm
Location: Steamworks Brew Pub
RSVP required

Women of OpenStack Networking Lunch sponsored by Red Hat
Meet with other women for lunch and discuss important topics affecting women in technology and business
Guest speaker: Margaret Dawson, Vice President of Product Marketing, Red Hat
Date: Wednesday, May 23 2018, 12:30-1:50 pm
Location: Vancouver Convention Centre West, Level 2, Room 215-216 
More information


Red Hat Training and Certification Lunch and Learn
Topic: Performance Optimization in Red Hat OpenStack Platform
Wednesday, May 23rd, 12:30-1:30 pm
Location: Vancouver Convention Centre West, Level 2, Room 213-214 

RSVP required 

Red Hat Jobs Social


Connect with Red Hatters and discover why working for the open source leader is a future worth exploring. We’ll have food, drinks, good vibes, and a chance to win some awesome swag.
Date: Wednesday, May 23, 6:00-8:00 pm
Location: Rogue Kitchen and Wetbar
RSVP required

Red Hat Sponsored Track - Monday, May 21, Room 202-204

We've got a great lineup of speakers on a variety of topics speaking during our sponsored breakout track on Monday, May 21. The speakers and topics are:

Session Speaker Time
Open HPE Telco NFV-Infrastructure platforms with Red Hat OpenStack Mushtaq Ahmed (HPE) 11:35 AM
What's New in Security for Red Hat OpenStack Platform? Keith Basil 1:30 PM
Is Public Cloud Really Eating OpenStack’s Lunch? Margaret Dawson 2:20 PM
OpenShift on OpenStack and Bare Metal Ramon Acedo Rodriguez 3:10 PM
The Modern Telco is Open Ian Hood 4:20 PM
Cloud Native Applications in a Telco World – How Micro Do You Go? Ron Parker (Affirmed Networks), Azhar Sayeed 5:10 PM


Breakout Sessions Featuring Red Hatters


Session Speaker Time
OpenStackSDKs - Project Update Monty Taylor 1:30 PM
Docs/i18n - Project Onboarding Stephen Finucane, Frank Kloeker (Deutsche Telekom), Ian Y. Choi (Fusetools Korea) 1:30 PM
Linux Containers Internal Lab Scott McCarty 1:30 PM
The Wonders of NUMA, or Why Your High Performance Application Doesn't Perform Stephen Finucane 2:10 PM
Glance - Project Update Erno Kuvaja 3:10 PM
Call It Real: Virtual GPUs in Nova Silvain Bauza, Jianhua Wang (Citrix) 3:10 PM
A Unified Approach to Role-Based Access Control Adam Young 3:10 PM
Unlock Big Data Efficiency with CephData Lake Kyle Bader, Yong Fu (Intel), Jian Zhang (Intel), Yuan Zhuo (INTC) 4:20 PM
Storage for Data Platforms Kyle Bader, Uday Boppana 5:20 PM



Session Speaker Time
OpenStack with IPv6: Now You Can! Dustin Schoenbrun, Tiago Pasqualini (NetApp), Erlon Cruz (NetApp) 9:00 AM
Integrating Keystone with large-scale centralized authentication Ken Holden, Chris Janiszewski 9:50 AM
Sahara - Project Onboarding Telles Nobrega 11:00 AM
Lower the Barries: Or How To Make Hassle-Free Open Source Events Sven Michels 11:40 AM
Barbican - Project Update Ade Lee, Dave McCowan (Cisco) 11:50 AM
Glance - Project Onboarding Erno Kuvaja, Brian Rosmaita (Verizon) 11:50 AM
Kuryr - Project Update Daniel Mellado 12:15 PM
Sahara - Project Update Telles Nobrega 1:50 PM
Heat - Project Update Rabi Mishra, Thomas Herve, Rico Lin (EasyStack) 1:50 PM
Superfluidity: One Network To Rule Them All Daniel Mellado, Luis Tomas Bolivar, Irena Berezovsky (Huawei) 3:10 PM
Burnin' Down the Cloud: Practical Private Cloud Management David Medberry, Steven Travis (Time Warner Cable) 3:30 PM
Infra - Project Onboarding David Moreau-Simard, Clark Boylon (OpenStack Foundation) 3:30 PM
Intro to Kata Containers Components: a Hands-on Lab Sachin Rathee, Sudhir Kethamakka 4:40 PM
Kubernetes Network-policies and Neutron Security Groups - Two Sides of the Same Coin? Daniel Mellado, Eyal Leshem (Huawei) 5:20 PM
How To Survice an OpenStack Cloud Meltdown with Ceph Federico Lucifredi, Sean Cohen, Sebatien Han 5:30 PM
OpenStack Internal Messaging at the Edge: In Depth Evaluation Kenneth Giusti, Matthieu Simonin, Javier Rojas Balderrama 5:30 PM


Session Speaker Time
Barbican - Project Onboarding Ade Lee, Dave McCowan (Cisco) 9:00 AM
Oslo - Project Update Ben Nemec 9:50 AM
Kuryr - Project Onboarding Daniel Mellado, Irena Berezovsky (Hauwei) 9:50 AM
How To Work with Adjacent Open Source Communities - User, Developer, Vendor, Board Perspective Mark McLoughlin, Anni Lai (Huawei), Davanum Srinivas (Mirantis), Christopher Price (Ericsson), Gnanavelkandan Kathirvel (AT&T) 11:50 AM
Nova - Project Update Melanie Witt 11:50 AM
TripleO - Project Onboarding Alex Schultz, Emilien Macchi, Dan Prince 11:50 AM
Distributed File Storage in Multi-Tenant Clouds using CephFS Tom Barron, Ramana Raja, Patrick Donnelly 12:20 PM
Lunch & Learn - Performance optimization in Red Hat OpenStack Platform Razique Mahroa 12:30 PM
Cinder Thin Provisioning: a Comprehensive Guide Gorka Eguileor, Tiago Pasqualini (NetApp), Erlon Cruz (NetApp) 1:50 PM
Nova - Project Onboarding Melanie Witt 1:50 PM
Glance's Power of Image Import Plugins Erno Kuvaja 2:30 PM
Mistral - Project Update Dougal Matthews 3:55 PM
Mistral - Project Onboarding Dougal Matthews, Brad Crochet 4:40 PM
Friendly Coexistence of Virtual Machines and Containers on Kubernetes using KubeVirt Stu Gott, Stephen Gordon 5:30 PM
Intro to Container Security Thomas Cameron 11:50 AM


Session Speaker Time
Manila - Project Update Tom Barron 9:00 AM
Oslo - Project Onboarding Ben Nemec, Kenneth Giusti, Jay Bryant (Lenovo) 9:00 AM
Walk Through of an Automated OpenStack Deployment Using Triple-O Coupled with OpenContrail - POC Kumythini Ratnasingham, Brent Roskos, Michael Henkel (Juniper Networks) 9:00 AM
Working Remotely in a Worldwide Community Doug Hellmann, Julia Kreger, Flavio Percoco, Kendall Nelson (OpenStack Foundation), Matthew Oliver (SUSE) 9:50 AM
Manila - Project Onboarding Tom Barron 9:50 AM
Centralized Policy Engine To Enable Multiple OpenStack Deployments for Telco/NFV Bertrand Rault, Marc Bailly (Orange), Ruan He (Orange) 11:00 AM
Kubernetes and OpenStack Unified Networking Using Calico - Hands-on Lab Amol Chobe 11:00 AM
Multi Backend CNI for Building Hybrid Workload Clusters with Kuryr and Kubernetes Daniel Mellado, Irena Berezovsky (Huawei) 11:50 AM
Workshop/Lab: Containerize your Life! Joachim von Thadden 1:50 PM
Root Your OpenStack on a Solid Foundation of Leaf-Spine Architecture! Joe Antkowiak, Ken Holden 2:10 PM
Istio: How To Make Multicloud Applications Real Christian Posta, Chris Hoge (OpenStack Foundation), Steve Drake (Cisco), Lin Sun, Costin Monolanche (Google) 2:40 PM
Push Infrastructure to the Edge with Hyperconverged Cloudlets Kevin Jones 3:30 PM
A DevOps State of Mind: Continuous Security with Kubernetes Chris Van Tuin 3:30 PM
OpenStack Upgrades Strategy: the Fast Forward Upgrade Maria Angelica Bracho, Lee Yarwood 4:40 PM
Managing OpenStack with Ansible, a Hands-on Workshop Julio Villarreal Pelegrino, Roger Lopez 4:40 PM


We're looking forward to seeing you there!





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