5 ways to implement successful DevSecOps using IT automation

Learn how IT automation can help organizations successfully implement DevSecOps approaches and bring teams together

Security and privacy are a top area of concern and investment for organizations. With data breaches and the associated costs for these threats continuing to grow, more organizations are looking for ways to improve security.

Weaving DevSecOps initiatives throughout an organization is an excellent way to make sure all teams are working towards the same security goals, but how do you get started? This checklist covers 5 ways to use IT automation to make DevSecOps implementation a success.

  • Discover why a strong IT automation strategy is key to implementing DevSecOps.
  • Find out how to unite teams to improve security.
  • Break down how to get started with 5 checklist items.
  • Get examples of how Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform can help organizations check off items in this list.

Download the checklist to learn more.