Simple, scalable enterprise-wide Ansible automation

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Stack the building blocks of seamless development at FedEx

Explore how Red Hat® Ansible® Automation Platform can streamline IT infrastructure management and application development across FedEx. Accept a YETI Rambler 30 oz. tumbler and Sticker Pack for taking the time to talk.

FedEx developers need to build, manage, and deploy IT infrastructure across cloud, virtual, physical, and container environments—and avoid time-wasting bumps and bottlenecks along the way.

Ansible Automation Platform makes this possible by taking on repetitive tasks so that DevOps teams have more time to create innovative applications through collaboration and process sharing.

With Ansible Automation Platform, FedEx developers have access to:

  • Pre-composed automation content from Red Hat and certified partners.

  • Rapid environment building for testing and "playing" before deployment.

  • Playbooks that ensure correct prerequisite installation.

  • An automation analytics dashboard that shows what’s working—and what’s not.

All together, Ansible Automation Platform adds up to seamless DevOps collaboration and automation that benefits the entire enterprise.

Connect with a Red Hatter to discover Ansible Automation Platform. A YETI Rambler 30 oz. tumbler and Sticker Pack is yours just for taking the time to chat.

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  • Note: Virtual meeting must occur before March 31, 2022. Offer is nontransferable—first come, first served.

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