Start delivering more business value with the stability of a modern, flexible OS

Take the first step to IT optimization—build a stable foundation with Red Hat and Intel

Move your business forward, faster with the foundation of Red Hat and Intel. The migration from traditional IT infrastructures to standardized hardware and open source software helps save costs, improve efficiency, and accelerates application delivery.

Analysts agree standardized operating environments are essential for running business applications and modern virtualization components.

Red Hat Enterprise Linux — running on Intel hardware — gives your business the secure, reliable platform to efficiently improve your core functions and lets you selectively adopt cloud services over time.

The heart of every modern IT project should be a solid, proven foundation.

  • Gain efficiency and cost savings and deliver value faster with Red Hat and Intel
  • IDC: 373% ROI in 5 years with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Satellite
  • Across a span of industry sectors, Red Hat Enterprise Linux has become well established as a trusted and secure IT foundation

Learn how organizations build for the future by running on Red Hat and Intel. Download the solution brief.