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Red Hat Gluster Storage

Grow your data without traditional limitations using software-defined storage

Data is growing. Storage for that data must also grow, which leads to problems for organizations embracing modern applications. The reliance on legacy, monolithic storage appliances are increasingly part of these problems, because they limit scalability, are costly, and reduce application and business flexibility.

Red Hat Gluster Storage offers a solution without traditional limitations. When combined with ubiquitous storage hardware, open, software-defined storage gives you the functionality and performance of proprietary platforms for much less.

The capabilities of Red Hat Gluster Storage lets organizations address their biggest storage challenges while enabling app and business agility—without breaking the bank.

Red Hat Gluster Storage offers more predictability than traditional storage in both scalability and cost, letting organizations:

  • Grow at an unprecedented scale
  • Deploy, flexibly, across their environment
  • Lower costs through more granular control than "forklift upgrades" usually associated with monolithic storage appliances

Discover how worrying about data scale and cost is a thing of the past. Get the brief.

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