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Learn to Love SOLPs with Marketing Bootcamp

Every day, marketers have countless opportunities to connect with people through a variety of marketing activities. Among the many capabilities in your arsenal are single-offer landing pages (SOLPs).

If you’ve ever signed up for a newsletter, downloaded a whitepaper, or registered for an event, you’ve likely encountered a SOLP. The purpose of these easy-to-use web forms is to drive traffic to Red Hat-owned websites, create awareness for our solutions, and to create more inquiries.

But if you’ve never created a SOLP, maybe you’re feeling a bit overwhelmed and confused. Have no fear. We’re here to help.

Download our free whitepaper, 539 things you always wanted to know about SOLPs but were afraid to ask. In it, we provide answers to some of your most pressing questions, putting you well on your way to super SOLP status.

After reading this riveting piece of literature, you’re 433% more likely to ace the SOLPs exam. Remember, correct formatting is everyone’s business -- the fate of the SOLP greatness rests with you.

Become a formatting ace.

Download our free whitepaper and instantly become a marketing genius.*

  • * If you haven’t already guessed, this is not a real whitepaper. The information contained in this message is entirely fictional and is intended for educational purposes only.