Expand your possibilities with Red Hat JBoss Enterprise Application Platform 8 and Red Hat OpenShift

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Red Hat® JBoss® Enterprise Application Platform (EAP) continues to power thousands of Red Hat customers' critical applications across a wide range of industries. As technology trends continue to evolve and new innovations from Red Hat and other open source communities are introduced, organizations are evaluating how they can fit these pieces together to modernize how they deliver value to their customers while maintaining business continuity and maximizing the value they're getting from their existing investments.

In this webinar session, you'll learn about several capabilities recently introduced in JBoss EAP 8, both for developer and operations teams, that are incredibly important to organizations looking to optimize existing investments, modernize their applications, and ultimately, generate new business and new opportunities.

We’ll also cover:

  • JBoss EAP’s integration with new innovations across the Red Hat portfolio, including Red Hat OpenShift®
  • Adopting JBoss EAP solutions to fit your business's needs
  • Migration tooling, which allows you to quickly bring your workloads onto Red Hat OpenShift while safely connecting back to your existing data—wherever it lives

Live event date: Tuesday, February 20, 2024 | 1 p.m. ET

On-demand event: Available for one year afterward.


James Falkner

James Falkner

Product Marketing Director, Red Hat Runtimes, Red Hat

James Falkner is a teacher, learner, and author, dedicated to open source solutions and open computing. He is a Product Marketing Director for Red Hat Runtimes. James loves learning from others and occasionally teaches at conferences.