Launch & learn: AI/ML, edge, and hybrid cloud computing for scientific agencies

2022年 2月 23日 の録画を視聴する
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Many organizations come to a similar realization about data science work: Most of their data does not originate at the core. And scientists will often want access to amounts of data that are unreasonable to securely stream to the datacenter in real time. Whether the distance is 10 miles or 238,855 miles, traditional IT infrastructures were simply not designed to stretch outside of fixed campuses. For these reasons, no data science strategy is complete without an accompanying edge strategy. Red Hat, as an IT infrastructure leader, has been helping organizations with both of these strategies.

Edge computing is no longer limited to terrestrial environments. As a follow-on to our conversation about Red Hat’s data science and edge capabilities, join us for a fireside chat with Dennis Gatens, CEO of LEOcloud, to learn how he and his organization are using Red Hat® technology for a transition of applications from the datacenter to the terrestrial edge, to LEO, and beyond.

In this talk, you will learn industry insights on:

  • The benefits of coupling these efforts

  • The challenges faced

  • The solutions to these challenges

Live event date: Wednesday, February 23, 2022 | 12 p.m. ET

On-demand event:  Available for one year afterward.

John Dvorak

Chief Architect, Red Hat

John Dvorak serves as a strategic technical advisor and thought leader for public sector customers and ecosystem partners. He is a former FBI Senior Executive who led efforts in data analytics and software development within the law enforcement and intelligence communities. At the National Institutes of Health (NIH), he managed network and engineering services and drove several cybersecurity modernization efforts. Prior to joining Red Hat, he served in Chief Information Officer (CIO) and Chief Technology Officer (CTO) roles within the systems integrator community, maintaining a focus on government mission requirements.

David Marcus

Senior Specialist Solutions Architect, Red Hat

David is the North American Public Sector Lead Product SSA in the domains of data science and edge computing and has been with Red Hat for three years. Previously, he was a Red Hat customer while at Lockheed Martin Space Systems Co. where he was an engineer on three human space flight missions for NASA's Orion Program.

Dennis Gatens

Chief Executive Officer, LEOcloud

Dennis co-founded LEOcloud to bring to market the first public cloud services in space. LEOcloud Space Edge hybrid cloud services enable the lowest latency for AI and analytics that will foster competitive and operational advantages for commercial, government, and military organizations. Prior to forming LEOcloud, Dennis was the Chief Commercial Officer for Cloud Constellation Corporation where he had global responsibilities for sales, marketing, channel management, and strategic alliances. With 35 years of experience in terrestrial, avionics, and space-based technology and managed services, he has a track record of bringing emerging technologies to market for managed services by working with global partners and service providers to introduce next-generation solutions into their cloud service offerings.

Tony James

Chief Architect, Public Sector, Red Hat

In Tony's role, he collaborates with Red Hat clients and partners to understand their unique needs and the challenges they face. With this information Tony engages with Red Hat product and account teams to influence product direction and technical strategy. Tony has almost 2 decades of experience working with the United States federal government in roles spanning the Intelligence Community, Department of Defense and Civilian agencies.