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IDC Research Quantifies Paas Business Value

Reveals productivity improvements

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66% faster application development life cycle

35% less I.T. staff time required per application developed*

Thinking about migrating your development organization, infrastructure, and software products to container- and microservices-based architectures? IDC surveyed a range of businesses about their application development platform and quantified the value.

Download this no-cost IDC research to learn how companies:*

  • Increase developer productivity by 35%, while reducing costs by 38%.
  • Create, modify, and rapidly deliver software products via multiple delivery models and automate the entire process.
  • Simplify migration to container- and microservices-based architectures.

View infographic—ROI summary of Red Hat OpenShift

Download the IDC Whitepaper

*Source: IDC, The Business Value of Red Hat OpenShift. Oct 2016.