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Many organizations have invested heavily in infrastructure and platforms that form the backbone of their IT environment. But over the course of time, a significant amount of technical debt is incurred through acquiring and adding systems—causing cost, security, and maintenance issues stemming from legacy infrastructure, applications, and processes.

These same organizations are facing pressure to modernize and implement new technologies to help their business compete. To make this possible, these organizations need to move or migrate workloads to platforms that can give them greater efficiency, security, and flexibility.

Modernize your IT infrastructure with a flexible, stable, and efficient OS

Replace your aging infrastructure with a modern operating system (OS) so you can focus on adopting new technologies and practices to advance your business without disrupting current, core business operations.

Red Hat® solutions allow your organization to migrate from legacy systems holding you back from advancing—and competing—in today's fast-moving IT environment. Make more efficient use of your existing investments while modernizing for the future on a robust, flexible platform geared for next-generation workloads and requirements. Red Hat provides that platform with Red Hat Enterprise Linux®, a supported, hardened, enterprise environment that delivers on more efficient operational costs and better reliability, availability, and scalability.

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Red Hat Enterprise Linux is the world's leading enterprise Linux platform. It provides IT leaders the kind of stability that frees you to take on your biggest challenges now, the flexibility to do what's most important in the future, and an extensive community of partners, customers, and experts that will be there to support your success no matter what you face.

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