Open Source Stories

Telling stories about the open source way

Introducing Open Source Stories, a new film series focused on telling human-centered stories about how openness is a catalyst for change—from education to maker communities and from philanthropic organizations to environmental causes.

These stories are rooted in open source values and philosophies like meritocracy, community building, and transparency. These philosophies and the open individuals embracing them together are making open the default 21st-century innovation model.

The stories


Open technology, faster progress

The e-NABLE foundation supports a global community of volunteers using emerging technologies to develop innovative solutions for underserved populations. The e-NABLE community is pioneering this movement by designing, fabricating, and distributing open source 3-D-printed prosthetics for people who need them—giving them away for free.

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Penn Manor

The power of open in education

Charlie Reisinger, IT director for the Penn Manor school district—with the help of a collaborative team of teachers, administrators, and students—helped bring an open educational model and a 1:1 laptop program to Penn Manor High School.

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Why open source stories?

Open source is a specific way of thinking that affects broad sections of society and culture. We hope to educate our audience about why open source is important, and we want to support and inspire projects and people using open source innovation.

Each film features a unique perspective on how open source can affect trust within an organization, how it allows the best ideas to win, and fosters an environment where failing fast and often leads to stronger research, and faster development. Red Hat's strategies, products, and philosophies map to a world beyond software. A world where openness is a catalyst for change. We want to lead our audience into an open future.

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