Red Hat Consulting offering: Pathfinder


Containerizing a current application portfolio offers organizations many benefits in speed and portability, but knowing how to get started can be difficult. Determining which applications to migrate first, and the migration dependencies and implications, takes a critical eye—and lots of resources. 

A Red Hat® Consulting Pathfinder engagement aligns a customer’s existing and future container adoption strategy goals with the Red Hat technologies needed to accomplish those goals. 


Pathfinder is a consultant-driven application assessment tool that is used to help customers determine which applications can be containerized, the effort involved, and any impediments to the containerization process. This engagement also helps customers determine the order in which applications should migrate to containers, based on factors such as business criticality, technical and execution risk, and estimates of the effort required. 

The process starts with an initial discovery session that establishes the customer’s current container adoption status. We then help prioritize applications to containerize. Next, we conduct a series of landscaping workshops to provide a suggested implementation path to move applications into a container environment. 

A Pathfinder engagement will also offer ways in which customers can use Red Hat open source technology to achieve their defined business priorities and goals. 


During a Pathfinder workshop, our subject matter experts will work with you to: 

  • Create a stakeholder map, including project sponsor. 
  • Target applications for assessment and containerization. 
  • Understand your existing technical opportunities and constraints. 
  • Identify your organization’s current DevOps maturity status and suggest next steps
  • Perform analyses of alternatives and make technical recommendations that best align with your business objectives. 

Following the Pathfinder workshop, you will be ready to begin the implementation phase of your journey.


Before participating in a Pathfinder engagement, your organization must complete a Red Hat Consulting discovery session, which surveys current application landscape and business needs for follow up discussion and actions. The discovery session will address: 

  • Architectural suitability. 
  • The identification, notification, and engagement of stakeholders. 
  • The need for a proof of concept, pilot, or a Red Hat Consulting Navigate engagement. 
  • Mutual client expectations. 
  • Focus or problem areas. 
  • Business objectives.
  • Timelines. 

The discovery session is intended to provide Red Hat Consulting with a high-level overview and initial focus areas for application assessments with Pathfinder.


Pathfinder is part of a family of modernization solutions that provide a roadmap for successfully adopting and scaling modern development and operations approaches within the enterprise. Keeping business value as the ultimate decision-making guide, Red Hat Consulting will work with you on all stages of modernization, from aligning teams around improved development and operations practices, to expanding them in your organization, and ultimately helping to lay the groundwork for self-sustained growth within the business. 

During your modernization journey, Red Hat Consulting experts help your stakeholders to explore, establish, scale, and expand a unified digital transformation strategy focused on open source technology, practices, and culture that together meets your unique business needs. Across the following phases, our experts will:


Discuss goals, solution approaches, and next steps to: 

Identify challenges and potential issues, as well as viable approaches and technologies, necessary participants, and desired outcomes. 

Outline current state, target state, and opportunities for change.


Develop an intelligent plan that delivers a(n): 

Analysis of the current state architecture and organizational practices for the migration. 

Strategy across people, processes, and technologies to create a nimble, robust enterprise. 

Architecture definition that addresses target environments


Work with Red Hat’s subject matter experts, who will integrate with and guide your team to: 

Establish strategies to build a collaborative culture, determine responsibilities, foster new skills, and accelerate innovation. 

Adapt existing applications and build new cloud-native services to provide the full benefits of modern platforms.

 • Deliver reliable, resilient new environments and practices to efficiently deploy, manage, and scale workloads that support your business strategy and increase security.


Working directly with Red Hat engineering and support organizations, Red Hat Consulting teams bring advanced skills to deliver solutions using Red Hat products and open standards. With exclusive insight into upcoming features and product roadmaps, nobody is better positioned to align teams, streamline processes, and make enterprise systems and applications work together using open source and proprietary technologies. 

  • Straight from the source: Red Hat Consulting teams communicate directly with Red Hat support and product development organizations. Many of our consultants are also active contributors to the upstream open source communities behind Red Hat technologies, so they bring unparalleled expertise. 
  • Diverse technical experience: Red Hat Consulting maintains deep expertise with open source and proprietary systems and applications platforms. Our comprehensive understanding of the technology market helps us provide clients with a complete view of their environment. Our guidance is based on a holistic understanding of building enterprise systems, not just our own products. 
  • Mentor-based approach: Red Hat Consulting’s approach gives clients the information and skills they need to move to Red Hat solutions in a safe and efficient manner. Red Hat believes that knowledge must be open and shared, just like source code.