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Masterclass: Satellite & Ansible

  • 2016년 5월 10일
  • Diegem, Belgium
  • Van der Valk Hotel Brussels Airport

On behalf of Red Hat we would like to invite you to join our Satellite & Ansible Masterclass which will be held in Belgium on the 10th of May at the Van der Valk Hotel at the Brussels Airport in Belgium. 

This masterclass we will give you an inside in systems management products from Red Hat. Red Hat Satellite 6.1 is the swiss army knife for lifecycle management of physical, virtual and cloud infrastructures. Version 6.1 is based on the latest findings in this field. We will discuss how to make optimum use of the current version of this tool and look forward to version 6.2, scheduled for this summer.

Ansible is a strong orchestration and configuration management approach. You will learn the language itself and tools such as Ansible Tower and Ansible Galaxy. We will discuss the added value of Ansible Tower in combination with Red Hat Satellite 6 and briefly discuss the possibilities of integration between the two products.

Take this opportunity to get to know the inside outs of these products.


Presentations from the Satellite & Ansible Masterclass