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Travel Channel: A Red Hat Customer Success Story

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Richard Hood, Senior Manager of IT Operations, and Chuck Payne, Systems Administratior, both from Travel Channel, talk about the evolution and challenges of content and technology on their website and television programs – and their use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5.2, data storage (SAN), application containers, and Red Hat JBoss Middleware.

Travel Channel uses these tools to provide exceptional Emmy-winning customer experiences to 95 million subscribers, available 24x7.

"The middleware in between – which is, I would say, the glue to the entire environment – is JBoss."
– Richard Hood

JBoss Operations Network provides monitoring with alerts to keep their systems up and running under normal and heavy loads. Consulting services helped Travel Channel learn how to roadmap and execute on improvements to their infrastructure.

"The mentality of understanding the client seeps all the way through Red Hat. All the way down to the young lady (or young man) who takes your support call. We're the number one item on their list at that time."
– Richard Hood

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