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Today marks the annual observance of Document Freedom Day (DFD), a global day for document liberation. Red Hat is proud to support this grassroots effort to educate the public about the importance of Open Document Formats and Open Standards. Fostering open standards and encouraging innovation support Red Hat’s core values.

Watch this video to learn more about the importance of open standards. View more Red Hat Stories here.

Check out some of the conversations started on surrounding DFD:

  • Read an introduction to DFD on the Life Channel.
  • A post on the Government Channel recaps ideas from the Document Freedom Day website on how the average person can support open document formats.
  • Former Open Document Format Alliance leader Marino Marcich shares reasons why the public sector has increasingly opted for ODF, the document freedom that it enables and why ODF is an essential feature of any “open” eGovernment strategy. Read Marino’s post here.
  • Chander Kant, CEO of Zmanda, discusses why open formats are essential for sharing and preserving government data and some of the recent strides governments worldwide have taken to improve the accessibility of public information.
  • Karsten Gerloff of Free Software Foundation Europe, the organizers of DFD, talks about current open standards issues in Europe.

Want to get involved in a local DFD event? Learn more here.

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