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There are plenty of opportunities for communication service providers (CSPs) to expand and evolve their offerings to be more competitive, including new services for more than 17 billion connected devices in use today around the world. The challenge, however, will be to modernize operations support systems (OSS) and business support systems (BSS) so that the digital services can be provisioned, monitored, managed, scaled and delivered to meet customers’ high expectations.    

Running many siloed OSS and BSS systems can limit innovation and agility, with the risk of diminishing customer experience. Maintaining and evolving existing systems takes time and resources away from innovation, which can make a CSP less competitive. Service providers need a strategy to unify and enhance the customer experience across channels, with full access to data and more responsive service delivery and operations. These things can help to improve efficiency, create new revenue streams, and pave the way for new business models. 

Red Hat and its ecosystem partners offer open source solutions for modernizing siloed OSS/BSS applications, either by redesigning monolithic applications as microservices or extracting application attributes with agile integration technologies.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform delivers a strong foundation for microservices-based OSS/BSS architecture. It integrates a number of open source projects, bringing together enterprise-grade Linux operating system, container runtime, networking, monitoring, container registry, authentication, and authorization solutions. These components are tested and supported together for unified operations on a comprehensive Kubernetes platform spanning the leading clouds. Coupling it with integration and automation solutions can increase both efficiency and agility in network management and business operations, clearing the way for innovation and improved customer experience. Red Hat’s Consulting team offers a comprehensive adoption path to move CSPs from inception to production at scale.

Want to know more? Tune in September 25 for "Intro to modernizing OSS/BSS with microservices-based, cloud-native architectures," hosted on This first event in a series of four offers an overview of modernization use cases, along with a review of:

  • paths to modernization

  • platform flexibility

  • management and automation across microservices architectures 

  • development methodologies

  • automated CI/CD pipelines

ACG Research principal analyst Mark Mortensen, Red Hat senior consultant Deven Phillips and container architect Freddy Montero will present. The events that follow (on October 30, November 21, and December 11) will drill down into modernizing OSS/BSS via agile integration, cloud-native development, and automation. 

Register now. The webinar will be available for one year following the initial September 25 broadcast.

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