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EMC views Red Hat as a strategic partner and supports the release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 based on the significant developments to the product and features that will help enterprise customers achieve greater productivity and value in their infrastructure. Performance is a key factor in the adoption for EMC customers.

EMC has made significant resource investment in the interoperability and testing of products and solutions to address issues of joint enterprise customers in financial services, healthcare and telecommunications. Our two companies share the common drive to create better, valuable customer experiences with our combined solutions.

EMC has participated in testing beta and intermediate releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 from the very beginning. Together, we believe it is ready for broad deployment and that customers will benefit from the collaborative nature of our relationship.

“Customers want to do more with Linux in the enterprise, and that’s what the Red Hat – EMC partnership is all about,” said Chuck Hollis, Vice President Technology Alliances, EMC Corporation. “Combining the advanced features of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 5 with EMC’s information infrastructure gives customers new options in scalability, performance and enterprise-class support for advanced Linuxdeployments.”

Red Hat is a key strategic operating system vendor for EMC and we see significant growth in joint customers today and to continue for years to come.

To learn more about EMC, Red Hat and Red Hat Enterprise Linux in the words of Chuck Hollis, watch the video.

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