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Stability Plus Innovation

RHEL 8.4 brings enhancements that deliver on the promise of RHEL 8 a stable and consistent foundation for the open hybrid cloud with the ability to deliver services and workloads faster with less effort any application on any footprint at any time. 

  • Hybrid cloud your way: RHEL 8.4 enables the innovation and transformation required to get to the cloud, the edge and beyond.

  • RHEL at the Edge: we continue to expand our support for edge deployments. Enhancements in this release leverage container images to simplify deployment and improve the manageability of edge fleets.

  • Red Hat Insights: Expanded capabilities in the Red Hat Insights services — Vulnerability, Compliance, Resource Optimization, and Subscriptions — help organizations to more efficiently and effectively manage their RHEL estates across the open hybrid cloud, including deployments in the public cloud.

RHEL 8.4 continues building on the solid foundation of RHEL 8 by adding new features to optimize your IT, help protect your organization with a more easily secured platform and transform your business by helping to deliver more secure and optimized workloads where you need them.


What's New in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8.4

Containers and public clouds are redefining IT infrastructures to be more scalable, flexible, and dynamic, but these technologies also introduce complexity in how administrators can manage and secure them. Watch our on-demand Webinar to help you manage container and cloud workloads while addressing security and optimizing performance.