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Each year, Red Hat pays tribute to our clients’ most successful deployments through the Innovation Awards, which highlight how our clients’ have put Red Hat and JBoss products and technologies to use in their IT environments.

As the 2011 Red Hat Summit and JBoss World came to an end last week in Boston, I had the opportunity to present the Red Hat and JBoss Innovators of the Year. The awards ceremony is one of my favorite parts of the event, as highlighting and honoring these innovative organizations is a great way to conclude the conference.

The five category finalists for 2011 included:

Optimized Systems
Red Hat: Santos Limited
JBoss: SNS Bank

Superior Alternatives
Red Hat: DreamWorks Animation
JBoss: Verizon Business

Carved Out Costs
Red Hat: Nissan Motor Company
JBoss: Emirates Group

Extensive Ecosystem
Red Hat: InfinitiesSoft
JBoss: New York & Company and Vizuri

Red Hat and JBoss: Outstanding Open Source Architecture
Rancore Technologies

From these category winners, the online community voted for the 2011 Red Hat and JBoss Innovators of the Year.

I am pleased to announce that this year's Red Hat Innovator of the Year Award went to Santos Limited. An Australian energy pioneer since 1954, Santos is a leading gas producer in Australia and Asia. Through the innovative use of Red Hat Enterprise Linux, Santos has experienced a boost in performance, lowered costs significantly, and even saved power, all in one open source project.

The JBoss Innovator of the Year went to Rancore Technologies. A leading technology R&D firm focused on 4G telecom networks and services, Rancore set out to utilize open source technology to build a service delivery platform based on 4G standards. By leveraging open source solutions from Red Hat and JBoss, Rancore built a low-cost, high-throughput, mission-critical system using open source technology.

Congratulations to all of the Innovation Award winners and Innovators of the Year for their captivating stories of technical achievement. I encourage you to read their full submissions here.

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Paul Cormier is Chairman of Red Hat. He has been with the company since 2001 and previously served as President and Chief Executive Officer. During his tenure, he has driven much of the company’s open hybrid cloud strategy, playing an instrumental role in expanding Red Hat’s portfolio to a full, modern IT stack based on open source innovation.

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