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Red Hat continues its push for Web Services interoperability by helping to form the Web Services Test Forum (WSTF). In conjunction with IBM and others, the WSTF provides the Web Service community with an environment to develop and test interoperability scenarios against other Web Service implementations. It will also allow Web Services vendors and customers to define which interoperability scenarios are right for them, something that is not covered by existing Web Services standards.

Red Hat has long been involved in Web Services interoperability, spearheaded by Dr. Mark Little, Development Manager for the ESB project, the heart of the JBoss Enterprise SOA Platform. The WSTF is a logical extension of these efforts. In addition to WSTF, Red Hat will also remain committed to Web Service interoperability as a member of WS-I and Apache Stonehenge.

For more information on Web Services interoperability and the WSTF, check out Mark’s post and his article on InfoQ.

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