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Thank you to everyone who attended Summit 2019 in Boston and engaged with Red Hat Services! Our wonderful customers, partners, and attendees fostered engaging conversations with our team. We appreciate each of you who sought us out in the Customer Success Zone and the Partner Success Lounge to ask thoughtful questions, learn more about enabling yourself to adopt Red Hat technologies, and participated in our events. For those who weren’t able to connect with us, here’s what you missed: 


Red Hat senior vice president and general manager of Global Services John Allessio was joined on stage by representatives from ExxonMobil, Lockheed Martin, and Volkswagen to share their stories about engaging with Red Hat Services. Audrey Reznik, Data Scientist, and Austen Smack, Container platforms product owner, from Exxon shared how their company embraced containerization technology to solve the world’s most difficult energy challenges. Through the power of our Services, this organization helped their data scientists, engineers, and geoscientists more than 130 teams globally change the way they work. Lockheed Martin’s Vice president of product development for F-16/F-22 integrated fighter group Michael Cawood and his team shared how they brought new capabilities to the U.S. Air Force’s fleet of F-22 Raptor fighter jets. Their work with Red Hat Open Innovation Labs enabled them to modernize the application development process which transformed the company’s culture, processes, and technologies, and also made them rethink how their teams function. Michael Denecke, head of test technology at Volkswagen, also shared his company’s experience with Open Innovation Labs and how they utilized this resource to develop a new way to test car features. The team created a customized test bench that connected the real test bench world with the virtual world - all in 3 months.


The Training and Certification team was located in the Customer Success Zone sharing information about the Red Hat Learning Subscription, changes to our Red Hat Certified Engineer (RHCE) program, Red Hat Learning Community, and more. Many visitors received an in depth demonstration of the RHLS platform, as well as, guidance on receiving a free trial. As always, Summit wouldn’t be complete without swag! Attendees who visited our booth received picnic blankets, notebooks, and coffee mugs.

Power Training

Over 250 students signed up to take our courses and exams this week. We offered curriculum across a variety of our products and technologies, with course titles including: Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 Preview, Introduction to Containers, Kubernetes, and OpenShift Container Platform, Automation with Ansible, and more. Upon arrival all attendees received hard copy course books, instructor led training, and a 30-day Red Hat Learning Subscription with full access to all of our content.  We also held a Power Training Reception complete with cocktails and appetizers. 

Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year

Jason Hiatt from One Main Financial was named the 2019 Red Hat Certified Professional of the Year! Congratulations to Jason on his outstanding accomplishments, including his incredible community involvement, success OpenShift project, and dedication to continuous innovation through learning. Jason (left) was recognized on stage by Red Hat executive vice president and president, Products and Technologies, Paul Cormier (right) during his keynote speech on Wednesday, May 8th.

Red Hat Certified Professionals Reception

We love to celebrate and honor our dedicated RHCPs! Every year, we host a celebration to thank and showcase them for their outstanding achievements. On Tuesday, May 7th we rented out the Laugh Boston space for karaoke, food, and drinks. Party goers enjoyed a taco station with chefs preparing each dish and, of course, it wouldn’t be Boston if we didn’t serve Sam Adams on draft.  

Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8

With the exciting release of Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8, our curriculum team simultaneously launched our Linux offerings based on this new version. Through this curriculum, you will understand the core skills needed to be a bridge to the contemporary data center, containers, and cloud computing technologies, and become more valuable to your organization.

Not sure where to begin with RHEL 8? Take our Linux skills assessment to find out where we recommend beginning your learning journey.


Discovery Session Theater

At this year's Red Hat Summit in Boston we continued our Red Hat Consulting Discovery Session series for the fourth year in a row. This year the Red Hat Consulting Discovery Session Theater was located in the Ecosystem Expo a part of the Customer Success Zone, opening the space up to walking traffic, but also providing an enclosed theater for customer conversations.

Attendees were able to join Red Hat experts for interactive discovery sessions featuring solution-focused discussions that impact their businesses. During this time, consultants dove deep into today’s critical technology implementations and offered best practices in an interactive whiteboarding environment. This year we were happy to feature global representation as well as our first ever session delivered entirely in Spanish! The sessions are listed below:

  • People first, digital second: Using open principles to drive transformation at Heritage Bank
  • Digital Nudge: How automation, machine learning, artificial intelligence, and more shape our digital decisions
  • Lean UX in action: Learn, prototype, and measure together
  • How Volkswagen used microservices and automation to develop self-service solutions
  • Container adoption at scale: Metrics-driven framework and other lessons learned
  • OpenShift DevSecOps: Securing your enterprise for tomorrow, today
  • To the Edge and Beyond: Network Automation for Telecommunications
  • 4 ways to jump start an open source & agile automation culture
  • The road to Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8: Best practices for optimizing your operating system
  • Adoptando Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8: Las mejores practicas para optimizar tu Sistema Operativo
  • A DevOps survival guide: Small changes lead to big results
  • Monoliths in OpenShift: Application onboarding strategies for containers

Red Hat Open Innovation Labs

With the third anniversary of its founding quickly approaching, Red Hat Open Innovation Labs was integrated into several different activities at this year’s Red Hat Summit.

Our Open Innovation Labs coloring wall made its debut at the event as a part of the Customer Success Zone in the Ecosystem Expo. Benefiting a local charity, Rise Against Hunger, attendees colored in a mural of the Mobius Loop as well as interacted with and learned about open practices used every day in Labs.

In addition to this presence on the Expo floor, there were also ancillary events hosted in the Open Innovation Labs space in the Boston office. A breakfast event kicked off the week the morning before Executive Exchange, and featured a panel discussion with customers like NASA, BlueCross BlueShield NC, among others, and an interactive tour. After, there was a cocktail event on Wednesday evening, promoting the Labs way of working through cocktail creation.


Red Hat Partner Success Lounge

Attendees stopped by the Red Hat Partner Success Zone booth to learn about the newest partner program offerings through Red Hat Partner Connect, such as our newly available partner training and enablement on Red Hat Enterprise Linux 8 and Red Hat OpenShift 4. Red Hat partners were given exclusive swag, a Red Hat branded hammock! 

Build Skills - Gain industry-recognized skills through hundreds of on-demand courses and accreditations.

Partner with us - Join our trusted ecosystem of industry-leaders.

Go to Market - Discover how you can make greater market impact with Red Hat.

Discover Solutions - Build and improve customer relationships with Red Hat solutions.

Certify Your Products - Test and certify your products on the Red Hat portfolio

In-booth demo

Attendees came by the booth Wednesday and Thursday to learn about the power of communities when they come together using Red Hat Product Demo System. The Red Hat Emergency Response Demo showcased the Red Hat Middleware portfolio integrated together to aid citizens impacted by a hurricane.








Chuck Mosher,  Senior Manager of Emerging Technology Domain Architects, and Bernard Tison, Senior Principal Solution Architect,  presenting their hands-on emergency response demo to Red Hat partners and customers.

Breakout session labs

85% of all breakout sessions labs were run on Red Hat Product Demo System architecture and supported onsite by the Red Hat Services team. Red Hat Product Demo System is a tool available to internal Red Hat employees, as well as Advanced and Premier level partners through Red Hat Partner Connect.






Red Hat Product Demo System labs team, Patrick Rutledge, Guillaume Core, Noelia Alentorn, and Josh Disraeli. Not pictured, Thomas Crowe

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