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Recently, a number of vendors have come forth stating support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux and forked distributions offered by others in the industry. At Red Hat, we know that truly supporting Red Hat Enterprise Linux is not only about support services, but also about the value of the entire Red Hat subscription.

The Red Hat subscription offers access to the latest Red Hat technology, improved features, security updates, hardware and software support and errata fixes to keep your IT infrastructure up-to-date. But, our subscription model is about more than just software. It also offers tested and quality-controlled technology, our growing ecosystem of certified hardware and software, access to Red Hat Network for easy deployment of updates, new releases as they become available over the life of the subscription, expert technical support with multiple service level options from the leader in open source and more.

These subscription benefits do not translate with third-party support for Red Hat Enterprise Linux. With forked distributions, Red Hat Enterprise Linux’s valuable hardware and software certifications do not transfer, and without owning the distribution, third parties cannot fully support it through important activities such as the timely release of patches.

We find that enterprises continue to naturally turn to Red Hat for the value of our Red Hat subscription model and support.

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