We’re excited to be participating in a special one-day live-streamed Tech Field Day event featuring Red Hat OpenShift on April 29, the day after Red Hat Summit. 

What is Tech Field Day?

Tech Field Day is a series of invite-only technical meetings between delegates invited from around the world and sponsoring enterprise IT companies that share their products and ideas through presentations, demos, roundtables, and more. Delegates are many of the best known, most respected industry bloggers. 

Learn more about the delegates involved in this event

Red Hat Presenters & Topics 

10:00-10:30: Red Hat Portfolio and Strategy Chris Wright, Chief Technology Officer
10:30-11:15: OpenShift Architecture and Strategy Derek Carr, Distinguished Engineer 
11:15-12:00: Kubernetes Multi-Cloud Management Michael Elder, Senior Distinguished Engineer
1:00-1:45: Open Transformation in Principle and Practice Andrew Clay Shafer, VP Transformation
1:45-2:45: Virtualization with OpenShift Fabian Deutsche, Engineering Manager & Andrew Sullivan, Technical Marketing Manager
2:45-3:30: Advancing Kubernetes Networking Marc Curry, Senior Principal Product Manager, OpenShift
3:30-4:00: Strategic Outlook of the Container Market Brian Gracely, Senior Director, Product Strategy


How to watch & get involved?

Live streaming video will appear on this page during the event, starting at 10 AM EST and we will post the link again on the OpenShift twitter page

If you have comments or questions, please tweet using both hashtags #OpenShift and #TFDx and we will relay them to the presenters and Field Day delegates.

If you can’t make it live, we will also post video recordings to YouTube after the event.

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