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Benefits, costs, risks, and long-term flexibility of Red Hat CloudForms

Learn how a Red Hat customer replaced their management solution and saved

Forrester conducted "The Total Economic Impact of Red Hat CloudForms" study to determine the return on investment (ROI) that organizations may see by deploying Red Hat® CloudForms. The study covered benefits, costs, risks, and long-term flexibility. The existing customer interviewed—a large US-based software company—had at least 6 months of experience using CloudForms and had replaced a custom-made solution that had become too unwieldy to maintain.

Red Hat CloudForms is a cloud management platform build to simplify hypervisor and hybrid cloud environments. The solution works across multiple vendors, tools, and policy implementations.

The studied customer chose CloudForms due to its ability to go above and beyond on its proof of concept test—consisting of 140 use cases. Findings include a 3-year ROI of 97%, net present value of $5,954,148, and a payback of 6.8 months.

Forrester studied a large US software company that replaced an in-house infrastructure management solution with Red Hat CloudForms. Benefits include:

  • 3-year ROI of 97%
  • Payback of 6.8 months
  • 80% efficiency improvement in labor and effort

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