4 tips for maximizing your data

Every application needs modern databases to handle and process data

Data is growing rapidly—in volume as well as velocity, variety, complexity, and connectedness—creating a need for more and different types of databases. New cloud-native applications have requirements that a single type of database alone cannot provide, like the ability to store massive amounts of new types of data, process millions of requests per second with millisecond latency, and scale to support millions of users around the world.

Moving your database to a hybrid cloud container platform gives you greater flexibility to support modern use cases and diverse data models so you can build use case-driven, scalable, cloud-native applications.

To help you get started, we share four tips in this checklist that explain:

  • Adopting a more flexible approach.

  • Starting with a solid foundation.

  • Using the right tools.

  • Choosing solutions from a certified ecosystem.

Download the checklist to get the details.