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No-cost Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform or Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated

Level up your cloud-native messaging with no-cost Red Hat Application Foundations and Red Hat OpenShift entitlements

After years of successfully using AMQ 6, we are happy you have decided to level up to Red Hat AMQ 7. Or maybe you are already using AMQ 7 as your messaging platform and are ready to bring those messaging workloads to the hybrid cloud with OpenShift!

Red Hat AMQ and many other components are part of Red Hat Application Foundations. Red Hat Application Foundations accelerates application modernization with frameworks and integration technologies that help teams build, extend and connect applications and services with each other and with existing applications as they move to the cloud and containers.

Combining Application Foundations with Red Hat OpenShift, the award-winning container application platform, organizations can deliver new software to users quickly and securely. At the same time, application teams can innovate with modern cloud-native patterns such as microservices, API first design, data streaming, and event-driven architectures that unlock strategic capabilities and benefits for their organizations across the hybrid cloud.

What better way to enjoy that than receiving free cores of both Red Hat Application Foundations and Red Hat OpenShift?

As a Red Hat AMQ subscriber, you are eligible to receive no-cost, fully supported access for 1 year to 10 cores of both Red Hat Application Foundations and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform (or entitlements to Red Hat OpenShift Dedicated). This no-cost entitlement will allow you to run your cloud-native integrations on OpenShift and take your enterprise to the next level.

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