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Accelerating deployment with standardized software and processes

  • 2016년 11월 30일
  • Webinar

IT operational inefficiences that prevent the necessary scaling needed to meet business demands come from monolithic golden images, excessive variation across platforms and purposes, and past practices for systems provisioning and management. This fragmented IT approach can be corrected by bringing application development tooling and techniques to the infrastructure. Introducing and sustaining standards, processes, and governance allows rapid and repeatable infrastructure builds, as well as automated testing, deployment, and provisioning.

Use cases from Red Hat customer delivery show how such an approach optimizes performance and accelerates the deployment of base operating system builds and software stacks—all in a secure way.

Join this webinar for insights, methodology, and use cases from Red Hat customer delivery to learn how to:

  • Boost IT responsiveness.
  • Improve flexibility and repeatability.
  • Establish a foundation for cloud adoption.

Date: November 30, 2016

Time: 11 a.m. EST

Length: 1 hour