Agile integration: Accelerating agencies' microservices journey

  • 2017년 4월 26일
  • Webinar

Government agencies need an application platform capable of supporting current and next-generation architectures. They're realizing the benefits of a microservices architecture and the need to break up monolithic applications, moving to highly distributed, containerized applications. 

Join this webinar to learn how Fuse integration services (FIS) supports a microservices architecture with tooling and runtime support for creating OpenShift containerized integration services. Topics will include: 

  • Docker-formatted container images.
  • Tooling to create, develop, and build containerized Fuse applications.
  • Self-service deployment templates for common integration scenarios.
  • Native integration with Kubernetes for service discovery, clustering, and configuration management

Scott England-Sullivan, principle domain architect, Public Sector, Red Hat
Yasir Syeed, middleware solution specialist, Public Sector, Red Hat

Date: April 26, 2017

Time: 11 a.m. ET

Length: 1 hour