The automated enterprise: Transforming IT ops to support modern business

  • 2018년 1월 18일
  • Webinar

Organizations are racing to adapt to innovation-driven digital business practices. IT operations teams are increasingly challenged to deliver scalable, on-demand infrastructure and services to support developers, lines of business, and executive initiatives. And all this while still ensuring security, compliance, and reliability—and in  timeframes once unimaginable.
Successful IT operations teams recognize that they must adopt a new approach and modern, unified management and automation tools to stay relevant and effectively support business outcomes. Automation is at the center of IT operations transformation for an organization.
In this webinar, we'll cover how automation can:

  • Streamline previously manual IT processes.
  • Accelerate IT services delivery.
  • Help with compliance and policy enforcement.


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Duration: 60 minutes

Justin Nemmers, general manager, Red Hat Ansible Automation

Justin Nemmers, Red Hat® Ansible Automation general manager, has spent a career helping organizations transform their IT environments by adopting new technologies and making better use of existing ones. Before joining Red Hat and leading a large services team, he held  technical, sales, marketing, and product leadership roles at a number of organizations.