Red Hat at Bosch ConnectedWorld 2018

  • 2018년 2월 21일 to 2018년 2월 22일
  • Berlin, Germany
  • STATION-Berlin

Open Technology Built for Change

Industry 4.0 has spurred dynamic change in manufacturing and energized its supporting ecosystems. As a leaders in this transformation, Red Hat provides the tools and technologies to drive intelligent automation, refine robotics, use data analytics to improve designs, and enable hyper-aware machine-to-machine communication.
• Integrating business processes into the manufacturing stream
• Increasing the visibility of processes and agility of operations

Visit us at booth B08 to learn more our complete portfolio trusted for the manufacturing segment.

DEMOS at booth B08

Red Hat IoT Solutions: Software solutions from Red Hat enhance customer connectivity, improve communication and collaboration with partners, and unlock opportunities for innovative business models in the automotive industry.

Red Hat OpenShift: This Platform-as-a-Service provides secure delivery of connected car applications using container technology and Kubernetes management capabilities, as well as streamlined development on public or private clouds.

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Solution Briefs

Mobility Technologies Reshape the Nature of Vehicle Use  

An Upsurge in Automotive Digital Services 

Digital Transformation Redefines the Automotive Sector 


Bridging the Gap Between operational and informational technology

Join us for these sessions at Bosch ConnectedWorld.

Speaking Session

James Kirkland, Chief Architect, Red Hat
(11:40am - 1:20pm)

Using DevOps to make OT and IT Work Together
DevOps – as a concept – is associated with the Business of IT to continuously automate change in an open culture with the optimal combination of process, people and tools.  This results in an IT organization that can deliver applications quickly and innovate faster. However, DevOps as a mindset is not restricted to the Business of IT alone.

It can be adopted for the Business of the Enterprise as well -- especially in the domains that bring together sensors and devices in the connected world of IIoT.  Continuous Integration and Continuous Delivery are concepts that can and should be applied to the connected world of IIoT to realize tangible business outcomes that matter.  This session extends the DevOps "mindset" to the automated, connected world of robots, sensors, and devices.  Attendees will obtain insight into culture, process and technological aspects of DevOps as well as the manner in which it can be extended to the business of their automated enterprise.

Meet-up Stage

James Kirkland, Chief Architect, Red Hat
(day 1, 2:05pm - 2:25pm)

The Business of IoT
The numbers make clear that IoT is big business, but it's not just for large enterprises. Its economic impact will be felt by small businesses. Their opportunities will range from supporting billions of devices and using device data to optimize internal processes, better serve customers, and open new revenue streams. This presentation will examine the IoT architecture and look at the opportunity dynamics at each tier from the edge to the back-end data services, showing examples of how innovative companies are making it easy and financially feasible to get into the business of IoT.

You can meet our Red Hat experts at 2 of the the IoT hackathon challenges. 

Manufacturing 4.0
Are you curious about future automotive manufacturing? Interested in contributing to the automation architect? Select the hack challenge Manufacturing during the registration process and come and join Red Hat at the Bosch Connected World Hackathon.

Connected Mobility Services
Come join Red Hat for the the hack challenge Connected Mobility Services and kick-start the next generation of automotive IoT applications. Are you passionate about developing software for the future of mobility? Are you curious about connecting an app to a car, and interested in the automotive industry? Select the hack challenge Connected Mobility Services during the registration process and come and join Red Hat at the Bosch Connected World Hackathon.


Tuesday, February 20
6-10:30pm - Welcome and planning

Wednesday, February 21
8:00am-midnight - Hackathon open

Thursday, February 22
8:00am-4:00pm - Hackathon open
4:15pm - Pitches onstage

See full IoT hackathon schedule here.

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Date: February 21-22, 2018

Location: STATION-Berlin
Luckenwalder Str. 4-6
10963 Berlin, Germany