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IoT Slam Live 2022

2022년 6월 22일 - 2022년 6월 23일Cary, North CarolinaSAS Headquarters
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Red Hat is proud to sponsor IoT Slam Live 2022

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Red Hat’s vast and growing ecosystem of certified partner solutions and our open-source development model integrate with your systems. From public cloud to private cloud to edge footprints, you have the flexibility you need to respond to rapidly changing market conditions.

Red Hat Edge Portfolio

Red Hat Edge is an approach that extends our portfolio’s hybrid cloud capabilities and partner ecosystem helping organizations innovate and differentiate with edge computing. Together, Red Hat’s vast and growing ecosystem of certified partner solutions and our open source development model ensure that organizations have an edge platform that provides the flexibility they need to respond to rapidly changing market conditions, create differentiated offerings, and improve operational outcomes. Red Hat Edge provides trusted open source software that helps organizations implement a layered security approach for better security on-premise, in the cloud, or at edge sites.

Speaking Sessions

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Details: Diamond Panel, June 22nd 9:30a.m. - 10:30a.m.

Title: Now, What is your AI Strategy?

Abstract: In the past, boards of directors would ask management, "what is your big data strategy"? then later, "what is your cloud strategy?", then "what is your mobility strategy?", then "what is your IoT strategy?". Today the question is, "what is your AI strategy?". From consumer behavior to predictive analytics to supply chain management to drug discovery, AI is everywhere. Hence vendors are racing to comprehend AI in their offerings and operations. Join Dr. Tom Bradicich, HPE Fellow, as he leads a panel discussion among the IoT Community Diamond Members, as they discuss how they’re embracing AI to stay competitive from edge to cloud.

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Details: WIoTCoE Panel, June 22nd 1:20p.m. - 2:00p.m.

Title: How customer engagement challenges can be transformed with IoT

Abstract: No matter what industry you’re in, customers are at the forefront of the success of your business. With so many marketing channels available to customers, it’s more difficult than ever to drive the conversation and engage them in your brand. Marketing has the challenging job of leveraging a multitude of channels in a meaningful way – those that exist within their own organizations, as well as those of their partners. That’s where digital, corporate, field, product, and partner marketing all come into play. Is there a better way to convert customer engagement into brand loyalty? How can marketers leverage data and IoT technologies to enhance existing relationships and build new ones?  Learn how IoT companies can turn marketing challenges into opportunities across the buyer’s journey during this interactive panel.

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Details: CECoE Panel, June 22nd 2:40p.m. - 3:25p.m.

Title:  The latest developments in edge computing

Abstract: Learn how Edge is constantly evolving so you can stay up to date with your edge digital transformation strategy. Let’s take some time and hear how the edge is changing from industry experts. Where have they seen dramatic updates or changes to the overall ecosystem in the last 12 months?

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Details: Keynote, June 22nd 11:55p.m. - 12:25p.m.

Title:  How OSS and Cloud-Native Development Drive Change in the Automotive Industry

Abstract: The decades-old strategy automakers have used for platform development has resulted in long development cycles, increased complexities, and a long time-to-revenue. Conversely, faster advancements are often attributed to the adoption of a modernized infrastructure platform and cloud-native technology. As the industry evolves toward the software-defined vehicle, it's clear that the automotive value chain is also changing. In this session we will discuss how open source software and cloud-native development are becoming a pivotal part of the automotive value chain, how it can help to bring the software-defined vehicle to life, and the need for software-centric in-vehicle architectures.

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Details: AIoTCoE Panel, June 23rd 2:25p.m. - 3:30p.m.

Title: Creating business value through advanced analytics and AI, and delivering ROI from IoT investments

Abstract: It is with great enthusiasm that we are kicking off the AI Center of Excellence (CoE) at the June 2022 IoT Slam during this panel discussion with executives from SAS, Ford, Otis Elevator, and AWS. This new CoE, focused on the potential of AI in industry, will harvest thought leadership from the experience and expertise of its Chair and Pillar Leads to help IoT Community members better address the various analytical/AI needs of IoT use cases in sectors such as Manufacturing, Transportation, Oil & Gas, Health & Life Sciences and other industrial settings. Our ultimate goal is to build a CoE that will continuously highlight the challenges, approaches, and practices emerging as analytics/AI are used in creating business value from IoT data.

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