Telco goes Cloud Native with Open Source

  • 2017년 12월 5일
  • Webinar

Join Nokia Cloud webinar series on December 5th, 14:00 CET

Theme: Telco goes Cloud native with Open Source

Cloud native offers operators new business opportunities beyond those possible with just a cloud-ready core network in which existing VNFs are transferred into the cloud. Next in this webinar series, Red Hat and Nokia will explain how Telco Goes Cloud Native with Open Source.


  • Welcome & introduction to cloud native design in Telco
    Stefan Kindt, Head of Cloud Market Development, Nokia
  • How Open innovation is Paving the Way to Cloud-native NFV
    Frank Zdarsky, Senior Principal Software Engineer, Red Hat
  • Cloud-native case example
    Tommy Lindgren, Cloud Market Development, Nokia
  • Q&A