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Red Hat User Groups: MSP

이벤트 장소

  • 2017년 1월 24일
  • Minneapolis, MN
  • Surly Brewing Company

Passionate about open source?

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Why should I attend a Red Hat user group?

In addition to being just plain fun, a Red Hat® User Group offers many benefits—regardless of your skill level and area of interest:

  • Network: Make new friends and business contacts that share in your passion for open source software and Red Hat technology.
  • Learn or teach others: Maybe you have answers or want to learn so you can solve your own challenges. Come and exchange ideas with others—it’s the open source way!
  • Tell the world: Passionate about open source?  User groups give you the chance to tell the world, or at least the people in your community.
  • Free beers and food!

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Happy Holidays!  Please set aside some time to learn, share, drink and eat with us and your peers on a cold day in late January.  Join us at the MSP RHUG at Surly Brewing Company from 1-5pm. Food and beers (of course) on us!

Topics:   Container Storage; Storage in the Cloud

Speakers:   TBD


"Introductions and Announcements" by Marc Skinner from Red Hat

"Tips and Tricks" by Marc Skinner from Red Hat

"Storage for Openshift Containers feat. Red Hat Gluster Storage" by Shawn Houston from Red Hat

"Container Storage Best Practices in 2017" by Keith Resar from Red Hat

"Converged Container and Storage Infrastructure on Bare Metal using OpenShift and Gluster" by Greg Hoelzer from Red Hat