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Find out what you're missing when you choose no-cost, unsupported Linux distributions

Learn about the differences between no-cost, unsupported Linux® distributions and a production operating system (OS) like Red Hat® Enterprise Linux. Understanding security and compliance risks, as well as performance, stability, and availability is a top priority, yet with most no-cost Linux distributions, confidently managing those risks isn’t possible. 

Maintain your existing customizations, configurations, and preferences during the migration from CentOS Linux to Red Hat Enterprise Linux with the supported Red Hat conversion tool, Convert2RHEL. Users migrating to Red Hat Enterprise Linux can continue using the same techniques and elements of CentOS Linux with minimal retraining while gaining more features, tools, support, and value since CentOS Linux is derived from Red Hat Enterprise Linux sources.

Speaker: Eric "IT Guy" Hendricks, Operations Advocate, Red Hat

Eric Hendricks is a technical contributor for Red Hat Enterprise Linux, the host of Red Hat Enterprise Linux Presents, a podcaster, and an open source advocate. With 15 years of IT experience, Eric started as a systems administrator specializing in Linux before joining the Red Hat Enterprise Linux team.

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