How to transition from proprietary JDK to open JDK

Watch recording from 2019년 4월 8일

Oracle recently announced that starting with Java version 11, there is no free access to a Java Virtual Machine (JVM) for use in production. Given over 3 billion devices run Java(™), there will soon be many organizations trying to figure out what to do next.

Red Hat® OpenJDK can help. With a well-defined, phased approach, migrating from Oracle JDK to Red Hat OpenJDK can be a smooth transition.

Red Hat fully supports OpenJDK in Red Hat Enterprise Linux® and Windows. OpenJDK is included with both Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Middleware subscriptions, with the option to opt into long-term support for the Windows environment, too.

What we will discuss in the webinar:

  • What is OpenJDK and what does the Oracle Java change mean for you?
  • The past, present, and future of OpenJDK
  • How to move to Red Hat's OpenJDK

Pierluigi Scardazza

Pierluigi Scardazza

Sales lead for application modernization and migration, EMEA, Red Hat

Pierluigi Scardazza is the EMEA sales lead for application modernization and migration at Red Hat and has 20 years international experience in multinational IT consulting companies. He has focused primarily on business development and digital transformation programs.

Giuseppe Brindisi

Technical business development manager, EMEA, Red Hat

Giuseppe is a technical business development manager for EMEA at Red Hat. He manages development of Red Hat’s partners ecosystem around application migration and modernization practices. Giuseppe has over 18 years’ experience in application development, free open source software (FOSS) and IT transformation programs with a focus on Red Hat® Middleware and cloud portfolios.

Morten Rohlfes

Morten Rohlfes

Director for Red Hat Middleware and Red Hat OpenShift® Container Platform, EMEA, Red Hat

Morten Rohlfes is the director for Red Hat Middleware and OpenShift Container Platform in EMEA at Red Hat. He has 24 years of experience at service and product companies such as Capgemini, Micro Focus, and CSC. Morten has published articles in the Computerwoche, Informationweek, Produktion Mittelstand, and has issued the Offshore Leitfaden for the Bitkom.