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Legacy storage sets limits

Proprietary, monolithic storage appliances are costly. Infrastructure, applications, processes, and policies consume massive amounts of resources. As you continue to outgrow your current capacity, investments get larger and maintenance becomes impractical. And, as those storage resources age, maintaining and replacing them consumes even more money and staff time.

Meanwhile, all of those investments merely allow you meet the status quo. To grow your business - taking advantage of new technology and modern applications - you need a more flexible platform that supports innovation.

Shifting from legacy infrastructure to the latest and greatest is hard and costly. Your IT can't throw away existing assets, relationships, and investments. You have to balance enduring assets with new ones. And you have to do it within budget.

Software-defined storage lays the foundation for innovation

In order to handle the massive amount of data that modern applications generate to keep your organization running, you need an open, software-defined, standards-based storage solution. A storage infrastructure that meets those specifications offers the flexibility to store, manage, and retrieve exponentially growing data. Red Hat® open source solutions are designed to make the most of existing resources, so your legacy investments won't become sunken costs.

Red Hat Gluster Storage is a cost-effective alternative to traditional, proprietary, appliance-based solutions. It helps your business start using your valuable data, rather than struggling to keep up with it. And, an IDC study found businesses that modernized their storage with Red Hat solutions saved up to 60% over 5 years.

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Open, software-defined file storage from Red Hat that, when combined with x86 commodity hardware, eliminates the need for high-cost proprietary storage systems.

Red Hat Gluster Storage eliminates storage silos by enabling global access to data through multiple file and object protocols. Red Hat Gluster Storage can easily be deployed on­-premise, in public cloud infrastructures, and in hybrid cloud environments.

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  • Single global namespace
  • Replication
  • Container support
  • Tiering
  • Object access to file storage
  • Erasure coding
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