Like rockets

Lessons in open leadership

By Casey Stegman & Beau Vorous

This is the story of how one teacher and an afterschool club built a creative community through open leadership—and transformed a city in the process.

Article I

Forging a community

When it opened, Franklin Middle School had a problem. There was no sense of community. But then Michael Bratsch (Mr. B) and his Futureboys & Girls Club had an idea to change all that.

Forging a Community - Hallway
Finding Your Voice - Mr. B

Article II

Finding your voice

Making music is a collaborative process. For Mr. B, it’s also a way to empower young minds.

Article III

Failing forward

Failure is frustrating and often difficult to accept. But for the kids in the Futureboys & Girls Club, it can also teach invaluable lessons. This is what they learned as part of Red Hat’s CO.LAB experience.

Failing Forward - Girls Club

Words by Casey Stegman
Visuals by Rachel Ertel, Liz Wetzel, & Aaron Williamson
Video by Beau Vorous
Photography by Jason Arthurs
Audio by Brent Simoneaux
Editing by Jimmy Ryals
Code by Ryan Altvater
Executive production by Kim Jokisch

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