Common Connections

Making Robots Boring

Common Connections

There are robots that can perform surgery, drive cars, and outrun Olympians. But they still haven’t figured out the complicated dynamics of a parking lot. In this conversation, two experts tell you why robots must master the mundane to meet their potential.

Melanie Shimano

Leila Takayama

Human-Robot Interaction Researcher
University of California, Santa Cruz

A cognitive and social scientist, Leila studies how robots and humans relate to each other. In part four of How to Start a Robot Revolution, we explored how her work with the startup Willow Garage made a foundational piece of robotics software more user-friendly.

Watch How to Start a Robot Revolution

Charlie Reisinger

Chris Nicholson

Founder and CEO

Chris’ company develops artificial intelligence software that guides robots working in industrial settings. In 2017, Road to A.I. featured his work creating deep learning software tools that have contributed to the growth of autonomous driving.

Watch Road to A.I.

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