Ask the right questions to get the conversation started with your customers

When engaging your customers, ask them the following questions in order to evaluate the opportunity forcontainerization and OpenShift:
  1. How are you managing the digital transformation journey for your organization?
  2. How is your IT organization preparing for containers?
  3. Are your developers already using Docker or Kubernetes?
  4. Is hybrid cloud part of your architecture plans?
  5. How are you managing the transition to agile IT and DevOps?
  6. How are you measuring success in a more agile IT environment?

Help your customer CHOOSE the right container path

To enable growth and promote digital transformation for your customers, you can help them find the right balance between developer effectiveness and operational efficiency. Containers can help, but you should get your customers to consider all aspects of their container strategy to ensure success and avoid common pitfalls.

Use the following checklist to help your customers assess their needs READ MORE

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