Why get OpenShift Primed?

  • Red Hat association and Red Hat OpenShift Primed logo usage rights
  • Established and widely adopted OpenShift enterprise container technology
  • No fee, low barrier to entry
  • Awareness for partner technology
  • On-ramp to Certification

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About OpenShift Primed

Things You Need to Know

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Target Audience

OpenShift Primed applies to individual applications, solutions, and technologies that work with OpenShift. An ISV who has multiple technologies working with OpenShift can submit each one for OpenShift Primed approval.

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How to Qualify

Qualified ISVs can submit evidence utilizing a variety of options including:

  • Sample Source Code via Github
  • Documentation, such as installation and architecture guides
  • Video demonstrations
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Certification has business benefits beyond OpenShift Primed in return for the additional ISV resource investment, including collaborative support via TSANet, solution availability in an official Red Hat hosted container registry, compatibility across Red Hat OpenShift versions, and more. Check out the Red Hat Container Zone for more details.

Showcase your technology

Couchbase customers have seen containerization as a way to get more from the infrastructure stack that runs their web, mobile and IoT applications. We are excited to be recognized as an OpenShift Primed technology at launch. This enables our joint customers to capitalize fully on the benefits of running Couchbase Server on the OpenShift platform, making it simple to develop and deploy stateful applications on top of Docker and Kubernetes.

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