Blockchain-as-a-Service: A solution from Red Hat and BlockApps

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Pressure to meet the growing demands of international customers are driving financial services organizations to look for innovative software solutions to distinguish themselves in the marketplace. One of the most significant technologies to emerge is the blockchain application, a disruptive shift in architecture that will change how enterprises manage their data, applications, transactions, and business processes.

Until now, it has been costly to test and prove the value of blockchain applications in a secure, enterprise-ready environment because they were built on proprietary software that was difficult to use. Red Hat and BlockApps are removing those barriers. We have joined forces to help you build innovative proofs-of-concept (POCs) and enterprise-ready blockchain applications—all running on Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® in an OpenShift container.

The BlockApps STRATO Blockchain Platform includes Ethereum-based features and tools that are designed specifically for enterprise businesses to build POCs quickly and cost-effectively. Using Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform, you can seamlessly move from development and test to full production of your blockchain applications.


The BlockApps STRATO Blockchain Platform offers customizable transaction processing capabilities and consensus algorithms with the Haskell implementation of standard-based Ethereum. Customize your blockchain to be completely private or a hybrid. You have the option of hosting your applications on a secure public, hybrid, or private cloud.

The benefits of the BlockApps STRATO Blockchain Platform are:

  • Full integration with Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform.
  • Smart-contract features of Ethereum, extended through Haskell’s fast and flexible programming language.
  • Rapid deployment for cloud-based and hybrid infrastructure.
  • Horizontal and vertical scaling capabilities.
  • Representational State Transfer application programming interface (REST API) access for easy front-end web and mobile development.
  • Web and mobile software development kit (SDK) enabled.
  • Both single and multinode capable.

BlockApps has three offerings to help enterprise customers grow blockchain expertise:

Training—two days
Over two days, your developers (5-50 people) are trained in the planning, build out, implementation, scaling, and maintenance of cutting-edge blockchain technology. Learn from BlockApps’ world-class blockchain application developers. Gain peace of mind that your developers will have the guidance and insight into Red Hat’s deployment architecture to make your project successful as you execute your blockchain vision in a dramatically shorter time frame.

Hackathon—two days

In just a 48-hour period with BlockApps’ guided hackathon service, your team will plan, develop, and complete one, or several, proofs-of-concept. These POCs will be ready to review by your line of business. Our blockchain experts can shorten the POC process and can guide your team as they transform real business problems into tangible use case solutions.

Use case build out—four to six weeks

If you are constrained by developers or time, then utilize BlockApps’ experienced blockchain development resources to build your blockchain application. We will work with you to create the blockchain application that meets your specific needs and provide ongoing support during the integration into your business systems and beyond.


Red Hat Enterprise Linux gives you the tools you need to modernize your infrastructure, boost efficiency through standardization and virtualization, and ultimately prepare your datacenter for an open hybrid cloud IT architecture. This platform provides the stability to take on today’s challenges and the flexibility to adapt to tomorrow’s demands. Red Hat Enterprise Linux delivers military-grade security, 99.999% uptime, and support for business-critical workloads.

Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is an application platform that helps you develop, deploy, and manage new and existing applications across physical, virtual, or public cloud infrastructures. With automated workflows, it’s easy to move source code from version control into docker-formatted container images for deployment. Built on open source code and made enterprise-ready, Red Hat OpenShift Container Platform is a secure, proven, and reliable platform for businesses of any size.


BlockApps has been a Red Hat partner for more than a year and has proven the BlockApps STRATO Blockchain Platform in the Red Hat OpenShift environment. This combination of blockchain expertise and OpenShift containers, with a tested and secure development environment, is a proven production platform for your next-generation enterprise suite of blockchain-enabled applications.

This diagram below shows the interoperability of the different components:


While several vertical and generic examples exist on the market, it cannot match the power of seeing your own applications running. With BlockApps and Red Hat you can begin building and coding your own blockchain applications within minutes. These tools and infrastructure are at your fingertips to immediately create a POC for your organization and bring it into production in a proven, enterprise environment.

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