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This event has been cancelled.

Utrecht - In-person experience

Unfortunately, the Summit Connect event on Nov 30 will not take place.

The number of infections and patients admitted in the hospitals per week due to Covid has increased considerably in recent weeks and the Dutch government is encouraging people to work from home to help slow down the increased virus circulation.  The current situation does not feel good.

We, Red Hat, want to avoid even stricter measures, and therefore must take our responsibility (despite the Covid Safe ticket) and postpone this physical event.

We apologize for this but we hope you understand our decision, taking into consideration everybody's health.

Kind regards,

Red Hat Netherlands

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Terms and conditions

Covid-19 measures

Please note that to attend this event you will need to provide a valid QR code in the coronacheck app. 
There are three scenarios that provide a valid QR code in the coronacheck app to access the event:
1. Someone has been fully vaccinated and the last vaccination was placed two weeks (in the case of Janssen 4 weeks) or more ago;
2. Someone who has not been vaccinated must be tested 24 hours before the event and can create a QR code in the coronacheck app with a negative test result. Please note, a self-test is not sufficient, only an official test is valid;
3. Someone who has had corona just before the event (up to six months before the event date) and has not been (fully) vaccinated, can create a QR code in the coronacheck app via a proof of recovery.