Issue #1 November 2004


October's Contest: Happy Halloween

We were somewhat surprised at how many readers were planning to wear a Red Hat or open source costume this Halloween. As one person stated, "what a great excuse" to wear my red Fedora."

Bob Steward had this thought, but took it one step further by wearing a Red Hat t-shirt and handing out Linux to the neighborhood kids. For his efforts to spread open source and enrich young minds, we're sending Bob a Red Hat gym duffle bag.

November's Contest: Man or Shadowman?

The costume contest from last month sparked us to look for interesting photos of people wearing Red Hat or open source costumes, and look what we found. This month, we are giving away a Red Hat laptop bag to the person who comes up with the best caption for this picture.

Caption Please?

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This contest has been concluded. To view the winning entry, check out next month's contest.