Issue #7 May 2005

Intellectual property explained

Featured Articles:

Open source: Know your rights

Even though Linux is free (as in freedom), there are still legal concerns that surround Linux software. In the featured video of the month, learn about four forms of intellectual property (copyrights, patents, trademarks, and trade secrets), the history of patents, software license compliance, and the pros and cons of open source licenses from a sysadmin's perspective.

Installing Fedora Core on the Mac mini

The Mac mini is all the rave. Discover how to install the soon-to-be-released Fedora Core 4 on this tiny desktop appliance, including new features in Fedora Core 4 to support the new hardware.

Red Hat heads South for the Summit

On June 1-3, Red Hat and a cast of customers, partners, and members of the open source community will convene in New Orleans. What will they all be talking about? Find out more.

An interactive tour of
Red Hat® Enterprise Linux® 4

Want to learn more about Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4? Watch as Nick Carr, Red Hat Marketing Manager, discusses the technology and new features available in Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4.

The story behind the subscription model

How does the subscription model help Red Hat serve customers and deliver more value? Individuals across Red Hat's engineering, support, and marketing organizations to share how Red Hat delivers value through its enterprise subscriptions.

Taking your desktop virtual with VNC, part 2

In part 1, Tim showed you how to get started with VNC. Part 2 discusses common problems and solutions and making VNC faster.


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