Issue #8 June 2005


Last month's contest: Summer reading list

Last month's content asked readers to share their favorite books with us for our annual summer reading list. Catch last month's winners in this month's Summer Reading List. They're the ones without job titles... for now.

What's your favorite app?

With this month's release of Fedora Core 4 came Fedora Extras, the Fedora Project's catch-all collection of applications that didn't quite make the cut into Fedora Core. You know, the first things you add-on after a fresh installation.

This month, we want to know what your favorite application is. It doesn't matter if the app is real or imaginary, for Linux or for some other operating system. It's the one piece of software you can't live without. The one that makes your life simple. The one that saves you the most time at work.

P.S. We won't be picking any of those "common" applications as winners. Everybody likes a good word processor, a nice web browser, or a good email client to filter out spam. You've got to have something better than that!

Rules are simple:

  • Original entries only, please.
  • 500 words or less.
  • No obscene or inappropriate application functions or descriptions.
  • One winner will be selected.

The winning entrant will receive a $20 Cool Stuff Store gift certificate.