Issue #8 June 2005

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Get the insight you need to guide you on your next Linux project. Our whitepapers are written by Red Hat experts and respected industry analysts like IDC. They provide in-depth analysis on a range of topics including migration, security, and e-commerce. It's required reading for anyone considering open source technology. And it's free. All you have to do is register.

Case study: Irish Stock Exchange
The Irish Stock Exchange is committed to continuously improving the cost effectiveness and efficiency of its infrastructure. That's why they're planning a large-scale migration from legacy Unix systems to Oracle10g on Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Read
Case study: PLUS Finanzservice
PLUS Finanzservice GmbH in Wiesbaden, Germany is a subsidiary of Scandinavian giants IKEA and IKANO. The IT core of PLUS Finanzservice is the Card Management System. Their new card management cluster solution on Red Hat Enterprise Linux is highly fail-safe, yields 30% cost reduction, and give PLUS Finanzservice hardware-independence. Read
Case study: STATOIL migrates from UNIX to Red Hat Enterprise Linux and achieves 50% cost savings
As an early adopter of Linux for enterprise applications, Statoil has learned many lessons and seen great benefits. As one of the world's largest operators for offshore oil and gas activities, Statoil realized in the late 1990's that they needed to standardize their IT infrastructure. Since then, they've migrated from seven Unix variants to Red Hat Enterprise Linux. In the process, they've experienced a 50% cost savings, increased performance, and built the largest super-computer in Norway. Read
Case study: Leading French Retailer Chooses Red Hat for Critical Sales and Customer Service System
Lapeyre is a leading manufacturer and distributor of home improvement products in Europe. As they prepared to upgrade their critical sales and services application to Oracle9i, they needed an operating platform that ensured stability, availability, and full compatibility with their existing environment. So they migrated to Red Hat Enteprise Linux combined with Red Hat Network Satelite Server. Read
Filesystem Labeling in SELinux
With NSA Security-Enhanced Linux now integrated into the 2.6 kernel and making its way into distributions, an increasing number of people likely will be installing SELinux and experimenting with it. Given this increasing user base, this article takes a closer look at filesystem labeling under SELinux. This is an intermediate-level article, though a brief review of some SELinux concepts is provided in the next section. Download
Solaris 10 and Linux 2.6: An analysis of two strategies for enterprise operating systems
Author: Evan Bauer, Pricipal Research Fellow, Robert Frances Group. This paper requires registration. Register and download
Red Hat Enterprise Linux: The Corporate Linux Standard
Overview of the Enterprise Linux family. Not version-specific. Download
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4: The defining milestone in the evolution of the enterprise platform
Four-page overview of features and enhancement in version 4. Download
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Security Features
This white paper provides a summary of new security features provided in the Red Hat Enterprise Linux v.4 product family. Register and download
An Overview of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Product Family
This white paper provides information on the family of Red Hat Enterprise Linux and Red Hat Desktop products. It describes the family's features and benefits and also gives a brief overview of the open source layered products designed for Red Hat Enterprise Linux environments. Register and download
Unix to Linux Migration: An introduction
This paper is intended to provide a discussion of the important considerations, best practices, and resources for migrations from a RISC-based platform to Linux. It presents the differences between UNIX and Linux and provides an overview of what to expect when migrating to Linux. The document should serve as a general reference guide during a typical migration and provide information on additional Red Hat resources that will assist with the overall strategy and implementation. Register and download
Classification of Security Issues
Red Hat has implemented a scheme from Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 to publicly classify the impact of security issues found in our products and services. Customers want a simple way to judge the severity of security updates so they can see which issues matter the most. The media needs guidance to understand the priority and criticality of the updates Red Hat releases. The classification scheme chosen gives a rating of security impact on a four point scale and is designed to be an at-a-glance guide to how worried Red Hat is about each security issue. This paper looks at why Red Hat has started classifying vulnerabilities, the details of the scheme we are using, and how well the classification matches our response times for Red Hat Enterprise Linux 3 vulnerabilities. Download
Red Hat Enterprise Linux 4 Application Compatibility
The Red Hat Enterprise Linux product family provides a powerful, stable platform for third-party software application developers. This document describes the different types of compatibility guarantees that are available to application developers building software for Red Hat Enterprise Linux on one or more hardware architectures. It also provides guidance to developers on best practices that should be followed in order to ensure application compatibility with future releases of Red Hat Enterprise Linux. Finally, it summarizes the compatibility policies followed by Red Hat within and between major releases of the Red Hat Enterprise Linux platform. Download
Tuning Systems for NFS
Network File System (NFS) has been one of the most popular forms of file-sharing between Linux® and UNIX® systems. This paper provides a list of the most common issues users encounter when using NFS and suggestions for ways to tune systems to avoid some or all of them. Download

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