Issue #9 July 2005

Red Hat GFS now supported with Oracle RAC

Featured Articles:

Need reliable, scalable, high-availability enterprise storage?

Red Hat storage solutions are your answer. Discover how Red Hat® Global File System (GFS) combines local file system performance with scalable file and data sharing. Find out why Linux Logical Volume Manager (LVM) is a widely deployed storage solution. And learn how to configure and manage clusters with Red Hat Cluster Suite.

Limiting buffer overflows with ExecShield

ExecShield is designed to defend against automated attacks like worms and viruses without compromising the usability and compatibility of the operating system. Here's how it works.

64-bit computing: Co-existing in a 32-bit world

64-bit computing means more processing power. But what happens when your new 64-bit computer has to run 32-bit software?

Now showing: Red Hat Summit keynotes

Couldn't make it to New Orleans? You can watch select keynote speeches from the comfort of your own desk. See what you missed this year and why you'll want to be there for the next one.

Managing your projects with Planner

Managing a project with multiple resources and a tight schedule can be challenging. Planner is the open source project management tool that gives you the ability to organize big or small projects, get the most out of your resources, and finish on time.

Join Red Hat at Linux conferences in San Francisco and South Wales

Red Hat will be joining the 2005 Linux Conference in South Wales, August 4-7, and LinuxWorld San Francisco, August 8-11. Who from Red Hat will speak and why should you attend? Take a look.

Giving control back to the customer

Joanne Rohde, EVP WW Operations for Red Hat, details how Red Hat responds to customer needs. Watch the video.

Leading French retailer chooses Red Hat for critical sales and customer service system

Lapeyre counts on Red Hat solutions and services to power their business. Hear their IT staff and Systems and Databases Director describe the migration process and their ongoing relationship with Red Hat.


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